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  • Paradigm Online Writing Assistant. A lot of information about how to write informal essays, thesis/support essays, argumentative essays, and exploratory essays. 如何写英语作文,需要哪些资料来完成英语作文,这个网站里面都有详细的说明,按照上面的提示,会可以迅速的提高你的英语作文写作水平.


  • Essay Info. Basics of essay writing, writing tips, essay types, citation styles, and so on.里面介绍了很多英语作文的写作技巧和方法,还有很多英语作文范文,很实用.是个非常不错的英语作文写作网站.


  • The Purdue University Writing Lab Handouts. One of the earliest online writing lab. The Handouts section provides excellent guide to academic writing. There is also a section of English as a Second Language.包含了非常丰富的英语作文写作资源,可以称的上一个英语作文大全文库.


  • Online Guide to Writing and Research University of Maryland University College (UMUC) prvides this site, like an online writing textbook.在线指导你如何写作文,很全面.这个英语学习网是美国一个大学专门办的.


  • Writing Help. Detailed discussion of academic writing, business writing, and technical writing. An excellent online writing handbook.最全面的一个写英语作文网站,收录了各种各样的写作资源.


  • Writing Studio. A free, password-protected writing/learning environment that offers WYSIWYG writing tools. 详细介绍了写作文的过程,方法.还提供了很多作文范文.




  • APA Style Official website of the American Psychological Association.



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