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  • Using Jokes and Humor to Learn English. Joe's Jokes - Read, Listen, and Learn English. A great way to increase your vocabulary! 看英语笑话,了解美国文化,不知不觉中提高您的英语阅读理解的水平,另外,这个网站还可以边看边听,提供很不错的英语阅读材料.


  • Adult Learning Activities. California distance learning project, where you can read and listen to short essays about America. 加州的一个成人远程教育网站,在上面你可以听英语故事,在线阅读英语文章.都是原版的英语材料哦,对你的英语阅读理解有莫大的帮助.


  • Learning Resources. A selected news story is published each week with video, audio, full text, abridged text, and story outline for educational use.最全面的英语阅读资源,包含个各个方面的英语阅读材料.



  • - Learn English effectively. Articles on how to learn English effectively, based on the experiences of successful learners.里面有很多关于如何学习英语的文章,以及一些英语学习前辈的英语阅读技巧和方法.


  • VoyCabulary Reading Assistant. With this program you can check the meaning of any words in the Web page you are reading.在英语阅读中如果你遇到不懂的单词,可以到这个网站来,他可以在线非常迅速地查找到这个单词的意思.


  • Yahoo Daily News.Quickly updated news, classified into different categories.雅虎新闻,阅读这个网站需要比较高的英语阅读水平,至少要达到英语六级阅读的水平.


  • Holidays in the U.S. Description of all the holidays from January to December.一篇关于美国节日的英语文章,看一下,对你了解美国文化有帮助.


  • The Quotations Page. The largest and oldest Quotations Page on the Web with about 30 categories such as Great Leaders, Sarcasm, and Wisdom.


  • E-Bookster. A tool for either helping young kids to learn how to read, or to help people learn english as a second language.能帮助你阅读英语文章,几个单词几个单词变换颜色,很有趣.


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