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  • Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab. One of the largest ESL listening training resource on the Web with various interesting topics for three different levels.分阶段的英语听力练习,有低级英语听力,中级英语听力和高级英语听力,您可以根据您自己的实际情况来选择.是个很不错的在线英语听力网站.


  • Listening to a story. A young author is reading a story he/she wrote. 很不错的一个在线听英语故事的网站.可以边看英文边听英语,也可以不看英语,直接收听,很能提高你的英语听力水平.


  • National Public Radio. Hourly newscast, 24-hour program stream, listen to your favorite programs every day - Morning Edition, All things considered, and Talk of the Nation.在线收听美国新闻,里面有很多英语节目,您可以选择自己喜爱英语节目来收听,迅速提高您的英语听力水平.


  • BBC Online English Learning. Listening to news and learning English in your own language. 原版BBC英语,需要很高英语听力水平.至少需要英语六级听力以上的水平,如果你听力只有英语四级的水平,听起来会比较吃力.


  • ESLbay listening Listening to English programs and news programs in other languages. 英语听力资源集锦


  • English Trailers. Study English using movie commercials, created by Andrew Johnson. 用英语电影来练习英语听力,还有很多英语听力下载资源.很不错的一个听力网站.


  • Real Movies. Watch the most recent movie trailers online with the free RealOne Player. 可以看最新的英语电影.



  • BEC商务英语,此网站全面介绍了BEC商务英语的考试信息.


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